Pick your Painting

Infinity Symbol
Stained Glass: Finger Painting!

Classy Hat Lady

Peace Sign Flower
Poured Wine Glass
Magic Mickey
Abstract Circles: Finger Painting!
Beach & Mountains
Lily Pad Bridge

All images are copy written and belong to Color and Coffee Painting Parties, LLC. Use of these images without permission is a violation by law. Persons are only permitted to paint or duplicate these images by instruction of a Color and Coffee Painting Parties, LLC official party instructor.

A Whole Late

Flower Bud Vines

Mason Jar Lantern

Winston-Salem Silhouette
Birdhouse & Fireflies

Peacock Feathers

Hand Heart Silhouette
Flip Flops & Sea Shells
Colorful Cross

Sunken Anchor

Bird's Nest

Vase of Flowers
Deep Sea Jellyfish

Night Owl Theme

Smoky Dream Catcher

Wine Bottle & Grapes

Underneath The Leaves

Lovebird Silhouette

Coffee Lover

Whimsical Dandelion Single Canvas

Want a custom design? You can email your ideas and have a sketch designed for your theme! 

Underwater Mermaid

Whimsical Dandelion Double Canvas Theme (+$20.00)

Everyone  can  pick  their  own  colors! 
​You can even have an outline drawn onto your canvas before the party for $5!